Thursday, February 05, 2009

Simple Language

We may not have quite deteriorated to the point where a window cleaner is required by law to be known as a transparent wall maintenance engineer but we have had some fun with our snow language haven't we?

To summarise, we have a had a major snow event as part of an extreme weather situation and in the theatre of disruption there are many localised incidents.

A man on the news just complained that there was a jack-knifed lorry on the M1 and it was ridiculous because all the traffic was now stationary. Call me stupid but I reckon that was because there was a jack-knifed lorry on the motorway.

The stockpile of salt, which hasn't been touched in the south-west for 18 years, may run out. There's always a danger of that when you use something.

15,000 people have called the emergency services because of snowballs. Crazy country. Bonkers .

1 comment:

Mr Gnome said...

A current bete noire for me is: 'poor judgement call'.

Which is self-serving, lah-di-dah for 'mistake'.