Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rector Idol

For those who are from outside our situation I am pleased to tell you that the audience elimination programme to find a new Rector of Holy Trinity and Trendlewood, Nailsea has a clear winner although we cannot announce a name for a bit. Etiquette has it that both churches (the one being left and the one being joined) are told at the same time.

There are also a few formalities to be gone through such as the operation to remove charisma and putting a watch back twenty years. Please laugh now or I'm in trouble.

Meanwhile the snow which appears to have stopped Britain singularly fails to have any impact on this particular North Somerset valley although the town did look as good as it has ever looked for about two hours this morning.


Mike Peatman said...

Ha ha, or should I say lol (when did that morph from lots of love to laugh out loud?)

Hope your mystery person proves to be as excellent a boss as I know I would have been had I applied (lol)

Matt Wilson said...

backwell school on the other hand was closed, my missues was over joyed and i was gutted that the busses we're still running to clevedon.
You never get good snow in nailsea, i remember many years longing for it, then while i lived up north i discovered I really didn't like it that much

david said...

Those of us who had to make last minute arrangements arrangments when children were turned back from the gates of Wraxall Primary School on Tuesday morning would not agree that the snow failed to have any impact!

St said...

Those of us who think Wraxall is not in the valley but up the side would disagree with you.

david said...

Wraxall school may be up the hill, but its closure definitely affected Nailsea residents whose children go to school there. And it's shut again today!