Friday, January 30, 2009

God is Imaginary

And lo! Immediately I surfed on to a site giving 50 proofs (hah!) that God is Imaginary. Fantastic fun. Go there. Now. I particularly recommend 'Read the Bible,' which is Proof 5. Just one hint. Either make sure your brain is working before you start or, at minimum, go in with a little understanding of what the Bible is and isn't.

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Caroline Too said...

Well, I guess that if that's the god they think is imaginary, then I'd probably concur.

I'm finding more and more, however, that I'm avoiding arguments about what is true/right/realistic etc. It's not that I don't have some robust reasoning to support my position. it's just that I find such conversations so deadeningly boring and unproductive.

You state your position... I state mine and then challenge yours... where can this conversation go? Well you will have to try and knock down my arguments and reinforce the ramparts of your own.. which, in turn, will push me to look for weaknesses in your ideas so that I can breach your wall... and so it goes on.

Recently, I've run a couple of seminars for researchers at the OU and got one or two guys to speak provocatively about a topic, then the others present were allowed time to discuss with each presenter in small groups. The only rule I made "you're not allowed to disagree with the presenter, your conversation must be on what might be possible assuming the presenter is right."

Participants were amazed and delighted at the freshness and stimulation of the conversations they had!

(sorry for long comment, but I'm trying to be 'helpful' following your telling off in the previous post.