Monday, December 22, 2008


I have before me on the desk three 284mm clear 30w striplight tubes. Sadly Mrs T took it upon herself to purchase them despite the clear demarcation in our household that she should not be let loose on functional shopping and should concentrate on winning bread. So, by the time she brought them home I had already replaced the defective lights and put a spare in the cupboard for next time.

The sadness doesn't end there. She decided, for reasons not entirely unconnected to illness and tiredness, to purchase these even though the kitchen units in our house require 221mm light strips.

The end of the sadness rainbow contains no refunded pot of gold. Her purchase was guided by the fact that they were very cheap seeing as how the retail outlet in question was holding a massive sale. A sale of the all-stock-must-go variety. You're way ahead, I can tell.

So, local chums, if any of you happen to have 284mm striplights in your kitchens we have three shrink-packed tubes which you may have for nothing. That's the wonder of Woolworths.


Anonymous said...

Funny enough that's exactly what we have in our kitchen. But belfast's a bit far to bring them :-)
(Ali's other half)

St said...

If you're the best offer I'll drop them in next time I'm passing.

Anonymous said...

Funnily, our daughter is on her way to Belfast even now. However she's not coming anywhere near Nailsea!

Ali said...

hold on to them long enough and I'll collect!

Kathryn said...

Be comforted. All over teh diocese of Gloucester, clergy offspring received nice gift vouchers from teh diocese as a sweetener to help them cope with the awfulness of vicarage life.
Those vouchers are redeemable at...Comet, B&Q and...Woolies.
Only Comet & B&Q are apparently not accepting them. So once again the church appears to be offering something of no immediate practical use which it thought would be just what was wanted. I don't THINK I'll preach on that, but I just might...
Happy name day!