Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Advent Thought 24

Whilst these thoughts have tried desperately hard to keep our minds on higher things there comes a time, usually around December 23rd, when the voice, alarmingly like Bruce Forsyth's, shouts, 'Lower, lower' in your ear.

For even those of us who spend our Advents preparing worship, comforting the bereaved and hosting parish parties come to the point where the things-to-do list has to be finished:

Something for Aunty B
Something for god-daughter J
Oh help it's Mrs T's birthday before Epiphany
Pan scourers
Take recycling to the tip
Work out when the refuse will next be collected
Put clean sheets on guest beds

I think the story we are about to rehearse is about remembering heaven in ordinary (the title of Angela Ashwin's book about prayer which I never read because the title was good enough).

May you see a little bit of Jesus today in the pan scourer aisle. And if you see an impatient vicar looking for the pan scourers, point him in the right direction.


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