Friday, December 12, 2008

Oliver Postgate RIP

I have no wish to besmirch the reputation of a story-teller and you shouldn't speak ill of the dead etc but I have to say that there needs to be a voice crying in the wilderness saying, 'Hang on a minute. Was he really that good?'

My reasoning is more emotional than logical. I recall those Sunday afternoons (1959 onwards) when Noggin the Nog came on TV. I do respect the views of some of my friends who think this was the best thing since whatever was the metaphor before bread-slicing became popular. But.


To me, if it was possible to incarnate depression, the tone of the narrator of Noggin caught it bang on. Experts (OK Wikipedia) tell me I was scared and haunted by the bassoon score and the brilliance of the story-telling. No, I wasn't. I was bored and, although I probably didn't know it then, brought down by its moodiness. I never went anywhere near Bagpuss and The Clangers.

So RIP Mr P. Sorry. Never buttered my muffin.


Ali said...

Personally, I loved the Pogles of Pogle Wood. In particular little Tog, who I considered to be some wild English animal that was a cross between a squirrel, a fox and a rabbit.

Clearly this says a lot more about my childhood intellect than I should be prepared to admit to publically.

I do have to say Bagpuss never floated my boat either, but basically, I'm glad I'm not responsible for buttering your muffins!

Malc said...

I know Fr Bob goes wild about Noggin. My preference would the Clangers. Great, simple stories and characters, and an infinite scope for filling in the dialogue. Quietly surreal. There no such thing as universal muffin butter.

Anonymous said...

Our children loved Bagpuss, especially those mice who were quite scatty and made wonderful squeeking noises. I actually loved the tone of Oliver Postgate's voice.
Takes all sorts....

Steve C said...

when I read stories to my boys now, I sometimes catch a hint of Postgate in my delivery, so it obviously made an impression on me. No sign yet of my boys becoming reclusive depressives (but I'll keep you posted!)