Friday, December 12, 2008

Advent Thought 13

When the first Mars-landing took place the machine, we now discover, fell over. It landed on a hillock and tipped. At least that is the best guess of the investigators who devised later modules to be self-righting.

A NASA scientist, interviewed at the time of the failure, said this:

Our probe is neither sending data nor receiving commands - a very serious anomaly.

It struck me that this would be a good test of the effectivenes of a church's various ministries. Can mission control still instruct it? Is it still sending useful data (numerical or spiritual growth)? If the answer to these two questions is in the negative then that too would be a serious anomaly.

Now, what do you need to go out and stop?


Caroline Too said...

sigh, st, if only our esteemed grand fromages would listen to such simple tests of the value of what we spend so much time doing as church... sigh

good grief... the word varification was
lawsynod... is someone listening on this conversation, st?

Kathryn said...

lol re Caroline's comment...
As to what we might need to stop, do you think it's too early in my time here to have serious thoughts about closing one of my churches??????????????
Oh HEAVENS - the verification is "Lingeer" so clearly we ARE being watched (and it IS too early)