Thursday, November 27, 2008


Mrs T has Christmas Day Off this year and goes back to work on Boxing Day. We are not doing relatives until the weekend afterwards. So, from the end of Christmas Day morning service until lights out we have decided to have an edited, concentrated Christmas.

There will be just two of us (hooray, don't call round) and we intend to have a simple meal of our favourite three things from Christmas lunch. Currently heading this list are:

Chestnut and lentil cakes with Cumberland sauce
Red cabbage
Roast parsnips

What would be your three?



david said...

Sherry, Claret, Brandy

Mr Gnome said...

Roast parsnips
Bread sauce (as prepared by my mum)
Actually, that would do me just fine

St said...

And what, pray, is the secret of your Mum's bread sauce? I recall my Mum doing magic with cloves and onions? Yours?

Chris said...

Christmas Pudding
Christmas Pudding
Christmas Pudding

My collection has dwindled this year - down from about 24 on the shelf to less than a dozen. That means I've eaten some. :)

I must stock up for the coming year.

Mr Gnome said...

: - (

I shall never know.

Mrs K has gone to heaven, taking her secret with her.

But I can pass on one of her many axioms: 'After ironing, clothes should be placed in the airing cupboard and remain there for a minimum of one week before they are safe to wear.'

Kathryn said...

Chestnut stuffing
Red cabbage
Mince pies with Brandy butter (if I can't have both, skip the mince pies)

Mike Peatman said...

Chestnut & red wine pate en croute (can't do the French accents, sorry)

Any roasted veg

(bizarre I know) Pickled walnuts.

Ali said...

I have a fantastic recipe for caramalised sweet potatoes in cider which is really Thanksgiving, but which I use at Christmas. I'd have that.

And shredded brussel sprouts in garlic cream. (My kids favourite - yes, my kids are odd!)

And probably bread sauce. Again, I have an American recipe which is quite tasty, though one year I made far too much and we had bread sauce sandwiches for a week after Christmas. It's never quite been the same since ;-)

But actually, I love making Christmas dinner, so I'd just make it all and invite you all round to share!

Caroline Too said...

1) my children with me at Christmas, not been the case for 11years (nearly this year, Pat and his wife are coming for a couple of days on the 19th - so I'll have
2) a christmas tree up (first time in 11 years)
3) I confess... i love a turkey dinner... the lot...
4) so that I need to go out for a walk in the cold of Boxing day
moring... sorry that's four oops

by the way your recipe for chestnut and lentil cakes would demonstrate grace and goodwill to all around.....???

Anonymous said...

My favourites are the boxing day leftovers. Cold turkey with bubble and squeek and cheddar cheese. (And a few tomatoes if I'm allowed a fourth thing)
Much better than the Chirsmtas day meal, but you need to do the one to get the other.