Monday, October 27, 2008


Apparently, so I read recently, because I've been on holiday and therefore reading look out world, if, in an interview, you give too many reasons for a piece of past behaviour you will be suspected of faking. One reason should be sufficient. You should be confident enough to give one only.

But, I scream quietly, show me a person who claims to act out of some purity of motive and I'll show you a liar. Rain is always good news for umbrella manufacturers. But do they wish to make us poorer or drier?

Good leader or not I am now convinced that Gordon Brown's motivation is not simply hanging on to power at all costs, but also to lead the country through a crisis. Opinion polls suggested a massive swing to the right when Brown under-achieved in his first year. I doubt there will be a corresponding swing back now he has over-achieved, or at least - achieved. But I am convinced he is motivated at least as much by compassion as power.

This is not a party-political broadcast. I am a floating voter and have been for the best part of two decades now. It is a call to allow a politician without the blessing of a hugely charismatic personality to be judged on his achievements alone. As we watch the death-throws of the US presidential campaign we should rejoice that we allow some discussion of matters of substance on the trail here rather than three soundbites, two clothes budgets and a centrefold.

By the way I've now consigned all my pithy sayings to the loft. Up there it's axiom attic.


Rob Cook said...

Throws or throes?

St said...

Good spot. I'll go and sit in homophone corner while the readers' editor laments yet another entry from me in the corrections and clarifications column.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Steve but I just can't get that first sentence however many times I read it. Would it make more sense if this bit was put in brackets with a dash added? (because I've been on holiday and therefore reading - look out world)
or is that not correct grammar either?

St said...

Quite. You mean you get it but you don't like it. It's what I laughably call my style. Sorry.