Monday, October 27, 2008

Andy McKee and Don Ross

Due to the gig being rescheduled we interrupted our recent holiday in Wales (all those postponed-postings of axioms were to distract you) to come back to the Thekla to see Andy McKee. Those who are unfamiliar should take a few minutes out and listen to this.

We hadn't heard of Don Ross before but, to give you an idea of how good a guitarist he is, we learned that he was one of the judges at a finger-picking competition at which Andy Mckee only came second. This was one of many fine stories told between numbers - something which brightens a live experience no end.

Hear Don Ross here. I have bought a live album called Live in Your Head which is on constant rotation (as they say on Facebook) right now.

Not being a guitarist myself it is usually difficult to assess how good the performance is. By linking the most extraordinary finger-picking - not to mention playing every inch of a more complex than usual baritone guitar - with some funky little melodies these guys make their virtuosity accessible. Nearby on YouTube is a tutorial to Don Ross's song which the teacher, Warren Gash, describes as 'easy.' So what do I know?

We reckon we saw and heard two of the best guitarists we have ever experienced in an intimate venue after a fine meal in good company (thanks Roger and Sandie). Worth driving back from hols for? I should say so

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