Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wedding Records

Most bridesmaids ever - 19 (Mapperley 1987).
Weirdest entrance of a bride - through a bubble machine (Leamington 2003).
Best exit music - Son of a Preacher Man (Vicar's son 1990s, somewhere south east coast).

As an enthusiastic marrier I keep a sort of record book and I broke two yesterday.

1. First Tuesday wedding.
2. Longest wedding.

Here's the programme:

1200 noon. Start time. Nothing happens.
1210. Bride arrives. Photos.
1212. Start. My welcome. Entrance of bridesmaids and bride's brothers.
1215. Entrance of bride and her father.
1217. Prayer, sentence and song 1 (repeat verse three and repeat chorus at end).
1222. The legal bit and vows.
1230. Three more songs, sung a minimum of 1.5 times each.
1245. Prayers by family.
1250. Registers and a photo.
1257. Two readings.
1301. Rob Bell Flame DVD.
1312. Talk.
1320. Two further songs.
1327. Final reading and blessing.
1330. Exit.

I don't list this in any critical way. It was a lovely service and exactly what the bride and groom wanted. Everyone was happy (apart from those on nicotine withdrawal as we headed into the second hour) and the atmosphere was good. But it was a record breaker for me.

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