Tuesday, August 26, 2008

REM - Cardiff

'We're Americans. We love our country. We hate our government.' Thus Michael Stipe dedicated the whole of last night's set to the Democratic Convention he would normally have tried to be at.

And what a set. Most of the new album Accelerate and two or three dips into every decade of the back catalogue - Losing My Religion, Man on the Moon, Driver 8, The One I Love, Imitation of Life, Orange Crush, What's the Frequency Kenneth, Disturbance at the Heron House and Exuming McCarthy.

Two hours of brilliant entertainment. And Editors weren't half bad as a support.


Mike Peatman said...

The band top of my list to see live one day. Would have loved to have been there.

Martin said...

Would be good to see them live one day. It's just a shame I wasn't a major fan in 1995* for Bill Berry's last tour or 1984+ to hear HarborcOat, Pilgrimage and Gardening at Night. As this time travel lark is not looking very likely, perhaps I should just bite the bullet and go to their next UK tour (hopefully a tour in a couple of years, following yet another great album).

* My musical tastes were still fairly narrow
+ I wasn't really old enough to be a fan of any band

St said...

I'd commend it fellers. First band I've ever seen twice with a 20 year gap in between. First time was Nottingham Rock City 1987.

There were five of us who went together and we worked out that the total cost of a meal, travel, drinks and the tickets was more than any of our first cars.

My first car cost £425.

Kerron said...

They made the same remark up in Manchester too.


Great gig though.

Hope your tickets were cheaper than ours. ;-)