Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tes Co-operates

I popped out to Budgens for a few extras to cope with unexpected guests. Budgens is an airy mini-mart attached to a Nailsea petrol station. It is newly built and quite a pleasant experience (of its type).

As I wandered the aisles collecting my essentials (milk, orange juice, beer and parmesan cheese if you must know) I caught the hint of a gentle flute solo over acoustic guitar. Straining my ears a little I heard Peter Gabriel's deeply beautiful voice, 'Take a little trip back with Father Tiresius; I have crossed between the poles, for me there's no mystery...'

Yes folks, Budgens had Genesis' 1973 epic Cinema Show playing on the instore sound system. None of the parents of the counter staff had met each other when it came out. Was that really thirty five years ago? I dawdled out, smiling.


Mike Peatman said...

See the deadly nightshades grow.

Shop there more often - they deserve it

Mike Peatman said...

I should clarify that the lyric quotation in the above comment isn't from Cinema show, but is (as Steve well knows) from the track Aisle of Plenty from the same album (as is Tes-cooperates)

er I think that's clear

If in doubt:
Take a little trip back with father Tiresias

Caroline Too said...

In the olden days, when I was dragged shopping with Mum they played ghastly old, schmatzy stuff over the shop's muzak tannoy...

...now they play great music...

...oh no, I'm old I'm old, I'm old...


legacydude said...

Interesting. I came upon this blog after googling "father tiresias" (I had to be sure of the spelling). I was typing an email this morning to a friend about a memory of us traveling back in 1975. While listening to an obscure tape I was playing, "Selling England by the Pound", he was shocked to hear a reference to Father Tiresias. Richard, being more literarily educated than I, informed me of who Father Tiresias was. I've now forgotten.
I initially discovered "Selling England..." at a small record store in Denver, Colorado in 1975 when it was playing Firth of Fifth. Amazing instrumental stretch, so I asked who it was. The salesman informed me it was Genesis, an "import" and only available on the newer format of cassette tape. I purchased it anyway. :-)

Mike Peatman said...

Prophet of Zeus, blinded by Athena.

More here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiresias

Genesis are in the process of re-releasing their old albums. You get the original album, a remastered version SACD and video footage. They haven't got to Selling England yet, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

Read more here