Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just before going on holiday/getting kidnapped I wrote myself a couple of last minute notes. Stuff to remember to do at once on my return. That sort of thing. Most of the notes were helpful and I have dealt with them now I'm back.

One continues to stare at me. If I had a scanner I'd share it with you for help. It says something like one of the following things:

Pos-nite catby
P is rite catty
Perniter catley

If this rings any bells, or you are the person who needs this doing to you, please get in touch.


Ali said...

off topic:

hows the ransom gathering going?

back to topic!

Mike Peatman said...

Hmm struggling to get it Steve

Possible night for ????

P is rickety

Kathryn said...

Dunno, but my father spent nearly 25 years trying to work out what "Upson's boots" (or something that looked slightly like that) might actually mean. It was in his diary.
Hope yours is more easily decyphered.
Poss night Cathy???

Alastair Gregg said...

something about postcards ?

Anonymous said...

Google spell checker says:

Perniter catley = Printer catley (you need to pick up your printer from a repair shop in catley; directions here:,+Ledbury,+County+of+Herefordshire,+United+Kingdom&ie=UTF8&ll=52.089738,-2.481365&spn=0.075308,0.11982&z=13)

Pos-nite catby = Posh Nite Cathy (Order the chilled Pol Roger)

Steve C said...

This is turning into a habit, isn't it Steve? I seem to recall you once telling a story about trying to decipher a note telling you to 'Phone Bill'. Several days of trying to work out who Bill was finally gave way to the realisation that you had to pay the phone bill.

Ummm, did I just tell you your own anecdote? I think I did. Sorry!

RuthJ said...

That'll be it - Phone Cathy.

St said...

Thanks anonymous and google. it says 'Printer cartridge'.

Thanks Steve, you tell them better than me.

Ali, I'll post on the kidnap update.