Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cats Eyes

The sign in the middle of the country road said, 'Cats Eyes Removed.' Just for a passing moment I wondered if a driver with English as a second language would slow for a while contemplating the cruelty of the people in this part of the land. Would they stare ahead, afraid of the things they might see if they dared a glance towards the hedgerows or pavements?


Mike Peatman said...

I saw a similar sign the other day and had the same thought. Scary

Kathryn said...

what is this surgical programme, I wonder? They seem to be removing cats eyes all over the place...some in these parts too (and I had a smallish child in the car, who was temporarily inconsolable)

Mr Gnome said...

My late sister-in-law (an American) loved rural car rides over here - and road signs added to her enjoyment. Her faves: 'Hidden Dips', 'Soft Verges' and 'Rumble Strips'.