Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Smaller than Life

Displacement activity warning. Don't read on if you have a day's work to do today.

Smaller than Life is a blog that has entertained me greatly. It was the place where we first encountered song titles restated mathematically. Recently a number of posts have concerned song prequels (the song written before the song that became a hit). I have found this incredibly diverting during dull meetings recently.

To get the hang of it go here or here or here. Some of the best ones are in the comments boxes. With grateful thanks to the Archdeacon of Bath's visitation address last night:

Come on baby fetch some coal in
Will only get fooled once more
Can just about afford to buy me love
Slightly disturbed horses
I heard it through the mail
Sisters only need a little help
(I get by) with a lot of help from my friends
Quivering lip of a clown
Keep on jogging
Tentatively approaching heaven's door


Mike Peatman said...

60s collection:

She likes you, possibly, possibly, possibly

The puenultimate time

Days in blue denim

Mike Peatman said...

Year of the Kitten

Mild mist on the Tyne

Lunch's ready

Injurious Queen

fotofill said...

The Gypsy lifestyle that leads to enthusiastic instrumental composition of indefinite form

jw said...

Could you give me a hand please?

I can see for quite a long way

Waterloo dusk

fotofill said...

Bohemian Rhapsody

St said...

Very good Phil. But how did you know we were struggling?

Kev Webb said...

I'm not sure about Sundays