Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Visual Impact

Since most of us don't, as Val Doonican's Dad urged, 'Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye,' we tend to encounter legs first as we wander around. Am I a leg man? Only in the sense that they are what I notice first.

There is nothing quite so disappointing as encountering a pair of shapely legs on high heels and to work up through a proportionate and gorgeous body only to arrive at a face with learning difficulties.

This disappointment is as nothing compared to the sense of guilt which follows as, once again, a person of the opposite gender had been judged only by appearance.

There is, come to think of it, another weird feeling, although I have only encountered it a couple of times in my life, when the eye-journey from feet north arrives at a clearly male head.

Anyway to those with good legs, fine bodies and attractive faces, male and female, I thank you. You brighten my day.

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