Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Thoughts

I am interested at the way my largely internalised personality profile, honed by four years with lots of time writing alone, is changing back to an externalised one where I enjoy, and am energised by, the company of others. Have to say though that there comes a point where the cave beckons.

The whole of Saturday was taken up with a wedding which was great and fun and nice and all that but followed by a Sunday which included a guest from the previous day at breakfast and lunch, two church services and a farewell do has left me over-peopled. I am happy to be spending most of today in the company of one person who is easy to be with.

Today my little sister is 50. A moment's silence please.

Tonight a single point at home to Southampton will send West Brom back to the Premiership. The hope. The terrible hope. I will be at a Parochial Church Council meeting.


Chris said...

You always say take a task you need to work on to any meeting, so how about watching the score on the BBC sports pages on your phone as a possibility?

Doug Chaplin said...

You must now be a happy man. At least for a year until your forthcoming relegation

Mike Peatman said...

A point was good enough. Boing boing

St said...

I'll be happy to expect we won't get relegated but being consistently the 19th best club in the country is a tough call.