Sunday, March 23, 2008

Polite Traffic Signs

Driving through the Cotswolds yesterday we came to the outskirts of a village where the traffic calming measures had been so heavy we were amazed they didn't have stingers on the edge of town. The sign that bade us farewell said, 'Please continue to drive carefully.'

Got us thinking that did. If only a little extra courtesy and reality was exhibited by sign writers we would be more willing to conform. How about:

Are you quite sure those headlights are dipped?
Be real nice and let one car in each
Overtaking is iffy for a mile or so
It's a bit awkward if you park here
The car coming towards you ain't stopping. You however have a choice.
20 miles 'til the next Jimmy

1 comment:

Mike Peatman said...

How about:

Could vehicular traffic please avoid contact with pedestrians?

Please stop. You really do need to look carefully at this junction.