Saturday, March 22, 2008

Casting the Passion

Holy stuff all getting a bit heavy for you? Jim Shelley's TV Dinners piece in the Guardian this week is the perfect antidote.


Mr Gnome said...

Years ago the RSC performed the Mysteries.

When shopping in Strat I'd occasionally see cast members being busy off-duty.

Lovely Mary Magdalene enjoying an icecream.

An apostle or two in Waterstone's.

And, just once, Jesus himself. Taking his golf bag out his car boot.

That made me sad.

david said...

Way back in 1970 I attended the Oberammergau Passion Play with my parents. Many of you will know that the performance lasts all day, and both performers and audience retire to various hostelries in the village for a lunch break. There was a very long queue for the ladies’ loos so my mother decided to sneak into the gents. Here, she came face to face with Saint Peter - a foretaste of Heaven perhaps?

Mr Gnome said...

While recently attending a VG Mothering Sunday service at Holy Trinity, Stat-upon-Avon, I noticed that worshipping quietly near me was King Henry V.