Monday, February 04, 2008


Found myself commenting on another blog about how to manage paper and thought readers might like to know the St system, which is pretty effective if you follow it carefully.

Anyone wishing to change their attitude to paper should follow the four Ds of:

Do it (urgent and important paper which should be actioned then filed)

Diary it (non-urgent yet important paper which should be filed until actioned)

Delegate it (urgent yet non-important paper which should be given to someone else to action)

Dump it (non-urgent and non-important paper which should be put in the recycling bin once paper clips, staples and bits of plastic have been removed).



david said...

But it's tough if all the urgent yet non-important paper is delegated downwards to you!

St said...

In this system 'urgent' means 'urgent that I do it rather than someone else' and 'important' means 'important that I do it rather than someone else.' Has the piece of paper now found its correct level? If not, keep it moving on.

silvergirl said...

So Doodling on it isn't an option then?

Hannah said...

As a teacher I seem to acquire literally reams of paper a day some of which I use and others I pile up waiting to file. We recently started paper recycling at school and I am horrified at just how much I put in the recycling bin every day. I am more horrified at how much paper I must have thrown out in the last three years before we started recycling. There must be a better way for schools to be run, function and communicate?!

I agree with David, in my new promotion people seem to delegate an awful lot of paper down towards me - its not nice!

Chris said...

I think you mentioned this in a comment a while ago and I started doing it. Worked really well. Have since stopped doing it and have fallen into paper based ruin. Must get it going again.