Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Junior High School

If you click here and then fill in your blog URL you will get an analysis of your blog's readability. You can also cut and paste some code to get an icon with the results to put on your sidebar. It includes an advert for some financial services so I haven't but you can if you want. The blog I copied this from is The Diary of a Reformed Workaholic which has a reading level of genius. I know some smart people. I was delighted to come in at junior high level. Will try to get it lower still.


Ali said...

I have to say, this revelation was as unbelievable for me as it has been for you. You cannot compare your eloquently put arguments against my ditzy and often incoherent ramblings, but then they say geniuses are often mad, and I have that one down for sure.

I’m actually wondering did I cut and paste the URL for the BBC website by mistake.

No matter, it is a source of great amusement to those who know me and as such I will leave the icon there for another day or two so we can all share the laugh :-)

Thank you for your part in bringing this to the world's attention!

St said...

No Ali I'm sure you're right. I guess the point is that if you're communicating at genius level (which might for you be a break from having to communicate with children a lot during the day) you will limit your readership.

An analysis of readability I er, read, found that, amazingly, Genesis 1 in the Good News Bible, Shakespeare's 'Friends, Romans, countrymen' speech and the Sun newspaper all had the same, basic communication level.

My aim is to be eloquent for sure but to do it at a low entry-level for readership.

The BBC web-site will also, almost certainly be junior high not genius.

Matthew McMurray said...

Mine came through as High School but I am hesitant to trust anything that comes from America in terms of intelligence ratings. I think that we can probably add on a few levels...

Cosmo said...

Umm....mine was Elementary School.

[Exit stage left, head hung in shame]

St said...

Look everyone, the lower the reading age of your blogs the more people will be able to engage with it.

Cosmo, your result is fantastic.

Cosmo said...

[Cosmo re-enters stage right with a spring in his step and smile on his face!]