Monday, December 31, 2007

Football Quiz

1. You are trying to impress the supporters of your new team, Newcastle United but have accidentally given the fans reason to doubt your commitment to the north-east rather than Merseyside. In the middle of a run of four games in ten days suggest reasons why you might be in a Liverpool McDonalds at 5.30 a.m?

2. Discuss the rehabilitation of the word splendid with reference to Jonathan Pearce. Give examples of the word being used by him in circumstances other than action by a goal-keeper.

3. What is the difference between a header and a free header?

4. Give an indication of the percentage of football pundits who understand:
a) The offside law
b) Parallax and perception
c) The expression, 'The whole of the ball.'
d) The tackle from behind

5. 'It's a fairly innocuous part of the penalty area. I don't think you can expect the referee to give a penalty there.' (John Motson, Match of the Day 29/12/07) On the attached diagram of a penalty area shade in the innocuous parts.

6. A team wearing blue shirts, white shorts and red socks are at home to a team who normally wear all red. Discuss the reasoning the FA will have used in requiring the latter team to change their socks to white. Does this make differentiation easier in your opinion?

7. The benefit of the doubt goes to the attacking team. Discuss.

8. Sol Campbell contends that crowds should be less abusive to the players who are required to be passive in the face of extreme hostility. Discuss this passivity with reference to:
a) Ashley Cole's relationship with Arsenal fans
b) Peter Crouch's recent dismissal for an ugly two-footed lunge
c) Joey Barton's bottom

9. Your team are top of the Championship playing beautiful, flowing football and scoring goals for fun. Are you nervous? Is your answer different if your team is West Bromwich Albion?

10. Your team decide to score all their home goals this season in the same game. Describe your emotions. If this has to be the case where, in the season, would you wish the game to fall?


jw said...

Not enough time as I should be helping Mrs W, but

4 a) Having heard Graham Poll read it out last Saturday and now being convinced that Dunn was not interfering with play as he didn't touch the ball (!) the answer is 0.

b) We've done that at the pub.

c) ditto

6 You mean, like, for those of you watching in black and white, the blue ball is behind the pink?

9 four years ago, yes, very. Don't comprehend the second scenario.

10 It was elation when they did it on 29/9. Now the odd excellent 0 - 0 v Arsenal on boxing day is fine.

Must get back!

Custard. said...

10) Champions' League semi-final, either leg.