Sunday, December 23, 2007

Best Ever?

If at first you don't succeed, lower your standards. Well it works for me but at this time of year I'd like to recommend a lowering of standards generally. Here's why.

As a child almost every Christmas is the best Christmas ever. You have very few other Christmases with which to compare them. Aged 3-8 it keeps getting better. About the age of 9 you will probably experience your first slightly disappointing Christmas. For me it was the year when, as a gift to my Mum, my Dad paid for us all to have Christmas lunch at Birmingham's Grand Hotel. I thought that my Mum and my gran were better cooks, hated the huge portions and couldn't believe how boring it was as we couldn't get down and go and play in the other room while the grown ups dallied over coffee.

From then on we had standard Christmases a lot and the occasional belter. Once we were all ill. Not a good one.

The older you get the more previous experiences you have with which to compare this year. To be the best Christmas ever gets a little harder every year.

Hope yours is great but be realistic. You'll enjoy it more.

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