Friday, November 02, 2007

Worth saying

Sometimes it is the satirists and sketch writers who show you the truth far more effectively than those who try to speak it directly. Here's Simon Hoggart from Tuesday's Guardian, talking about Cameron's immigration speech:

'He finished by saying that the new Conservative approach was based on a 'vision of Britain where people have more opportunity and power over their lives, where families are stronger and society is more responsible, and where our country is safer and greener'.

'My law of reverse inanity states that if the opposite of a statement is plainly absurd, then the statement was not worth making in the first place. For instance, 'our vision is of a Britain where people are constrained and powerless, where families are atomised, and society says 'devil take the hindmost' to the less fortunate. We aspire to a more polluted and crime-ridden land.'

Big up to Mr H. And let's get the word excellence out of our vision statements. After all we wouldn't want to do rubbish now would we?

By the way I quite often find myself reading Tuesday's Guardian in bed on a Friday morning. By the end of Friday I aim to be reading Friday's paper. Sometimes succeed too.

Read the whole of Simon Hoggart's sketch here.

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