Thursday, November 15, 2007

RIP Luca

Only St Paul's, Leamington people, of my readers, will know Luca. Luca died at the weekend. He was born with severe life-limitations and was wonderfully cared for by Mary who has spent most of her days caring for and fostering children with difficulties.

No idea what, if anything, Luca was taking in about the world. He came to church, had a breathing tube, sat in a special chair and rarely registered stuff. He was but a few years old. More like months than years.

He was great.

If you ever encounter such children always speak to them, however they respond. I only ever said 'Hi Luca' and he never replied. But you must acknowledge their existence, to them and to their carers.

His little life was as fulfilled as it could be, and he was as loved as he could possibly be.

I have Luca's picture on my wall. Gonna leave it there.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Steve

What good, kind words.