Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today is election day. There is a single vacancy on my local council in Golden Valley Ward. I always use my vote although I confess I sometimes (not always) use it lazily and vote without too much thought. No chance this time. Three of the four candidates are independent and one doesn't even describe herself as that in the 'description' box on the poll notice.

I have read the four photocopied pieces of A4 that the candidates have put through my door. All have bothered to do this. I have found the N. Somerset site where the poll notice is printed so I know who is proposing and seconding each candidate. I can't eliminate any nutters that way.

My choice will be made by reading the papers. Should I eliminate the one who moans about political correctness gone mad? Should I eliminate the one who didn't proof read their publicity carefully enough? How can I trust you to check legislation if you don't check your own publicity? Then what? Best laid out flier? Annoying facial hair? Age? Prayer and a toss of a coin (see Acts 1:26)?

I've decided. Best not to say how. Abuse of positon and all that. Do vote.


Martin said...

can you tell us after the polls close?

St said...

I'm not sure that would be wise.