Friday, November 09, 2007

Dear Dairy

If you drop in here for a quick fix of something or other every day then a million apologies. It's been a silly week. Something had to go and blogging did. One solution would be to make sure you have an email feed so that you get a message whenever this blog is updated.

One consolation is that the Bjork row may not have broken out quite so strongly if there had been further posts to read. Obviously she splits the constituency.

What's been going on? Well on Sunday I preached three separate sermons at three different services. Monday I had a study day trying to get my head round the question of the marriage of divorcees in church. The Church Council is due to discuss it next Monday and I have a paper to present. In the evening I spent some time with a couple who are struggling a bit. Tuesday we spent our staff meeting talking about divorce and sharpening my paper, which was useful, and then, after a quick session at the gym it was full-speed ahead to session 6 of the Alpha course in the Old Farmhouse.

Wednesday began with a burial of ashes and then a 24 hour time out with a clergy colleague for whom I act as non-managerial support. We meet three times a year but now live at opposite ends of the country so we have to meet in Derbyshire. I have been used in this way by a number of colleagues over the years and my colleagues here agreed that I could continue doing it but limiting the case load to three people. I have one in Lanacshire, one in Gloucestershire and one here. Two people offer similar support to me, one spiritually and one more practically. Thursday evening I caught up with Mrs T when I got home although she fell asleep at 8.30.

Which brings me to Friday and far too much still to do for:

Film Club Extra (Tonight)
Alpha day (Tomorrow)
Trendlewood morning meeting (Sunday)
Kingshill 3.08 (Sunday)

Which is a hell of a way to start your day off but I'm not looking for sympathy and will probably take a bit of extra time out next week to make up. Anyway I had a relatively quiet first year whilst getting the hang of this place.

Will try and be more interesting later.

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Thanks for taking the time to post anyway...