Sunday, November 11, 2007


I saw this band's extraordinary performance on Later. Along with great music from Crowded House and Richard Thompson the programme was full of unbelievable virtuosity.

But for a couple of minutes I gawped open-mouthed (can you gawp closed-mouthed? probably not) at the TV while holding a tea-pot in mid pour. Haven't had a moment like that since Radiohead played Paranoid Android for the first time on the show.

About seven minutes into Battles amazing tricks with sound (two guys play left-handed guitar and right-handed keys simultaneously) the voice of the sleep-monster from next to me on the sofa said, 'If you buy this I may have to divorce you.'

I remained silent, indicating by my seriousness that this was something I would consider. A good move for by the time their single song had finished the negotiation had progressed to, 'OK, if I ever hear you play it.'

It won't be an album to try and have on in the background. Imagine a screen saver with a real mallet puffing smoke into your eyes and you'd be close. But Mirrored (for that is the album's name) will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

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