Wednesday, October 31, 2007

National Sporting Failure

I write a short monthly leaders' article for the Urban Saints (formerly Crusaders and I'm sure Urbane Saints would have been cooler) Energize web-site. Each month we help youth leaders to tackle a main news story and use it to introduce themes to their group; themes which are also in the Bible. It's called Energize in the News. Sorry, you have to subscribe to read my stuff.

In researching the latest piece, which is about the three succesive defeats England suffered nationally over one week at football, rugby and motor racing, I came across this article by Harry Peason from the Guardian earlier this year. I recall reading it at the time but it got better on re-reading. If you're English and ever do anything, ever, see if it stops you in your tracks. It did me. Again.


Chris said...

I think I must be German.

david said...

I don't usually like national stereotypes, but this one does strike home.

Tim said...

Shh, not so loud! My whole career as a UK research scientist has been based on the fact that I was the only person in the group who had read the instructions!

In the case of the manual for the ammeter that I have just bought (well, a nanoammeter, actually) running to 950 dense pages, I must confess that I skipped the boring bits!