Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Mercury

The Clevedon, Nailsea and Portishead Mercury to be precise. In a fine piece of headlining this week one story leads with 'Man guilty of bottling in field.' What did you think then? Illicit pickling? Kilners full of someone else's blackberries? No. The man in question hit someone over the head with a vodka bottle in a field.

Later they have cleverly trimmed a photo of an Indian Restaurant which provides contemporary Indian cuisine. Sadly it now only provides temporary Indian cuisine.

Finally there is the story of the world's saddest fly-tipper who was caught when not only was he spotted and had his registration plate reported but the rubbish included an envelope addressed to him. Gotcha. Community service here he comes.

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david said...

Don’t you just love local rags? Perhaps the most bizarre story that I have read in the Mercury concerned certain unnatural practices between a man and a cow. The man was spotted in a Nailsea field early one morning with a stepladder, which is a new angle on the old joke about “who put him up to it”. Animal lovers (in the traditional sense of those two words) were relieved to read that the cow was unhurt.