Sunday, October 14, 2007


Alpha in the pub (25/9)
Back to Church Sunday (30/9)
Film Club Extra (12/10)

...and today 3.08 at Kingshill, an all-age gathering for Christians and interested parties, starting at 8 minutes past 3 at Kingshill School, Nailsea. All over in 53 minutes maximum.

Attempting four major new ventures in under three weeks. Was that wise? I may actually be busy soon. Mind you after a year here it is about time I did something useful.

That's right. A year since the Bish inserted his hands amongst the styling lotions and prayed. A very minor celebration is called for.


Cosmo said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary!

Can you explain your 'Film Club Extra', please? I've been thinking about starting a group to discuss films with a deeper meaning? Is that what this is? If so, what films will you be discussing?

Mike Peatman said...

Happy Anniversary

Get Cafe Create going, that'll help fill your time.

dmk said...

Sounds like my last couple of weeks too! Must be something about being 1 year in post.

St said...

Cosmo. Visit the Nailsea Fresh Expressions blog ( and you'll find a few more comments.

The basic idea is to give most of the evening over to the movie in full. So we play a PowerPoint set of ads (safety, loos, refreshment prices, forthcoming attractions once the doors open at 7.00 p.m. Then end with a remix of the Pearl and Dean music and show the film at 7.30.

After the film we have a break for coffee, hot dogs, ices and popcorn then we break into small groups (self-selecting) to discuss a series of questions.

Finally someone will do a short (7 minutes or so) round up of the themes we might have covered, how they connect with our real lives and what to do if you want to discuss them some more.

Email me direct if you need more. Use an ampersand not an at.

St said...

Sorry Cosmo, I should have said that in a Film Club you can only tell the members what film you are discussing next.