Sunday, September 23, 2007

Still Seeking a Normal Sunday

I look after a small church that meets in a school. It used to be called Trendlewood Church Plant as it was planted by Holy Trinity, Nailsea to be a Christian presence in a part of town one and a half miles from the Holy Trinity building. We've dropped the word 'plant.' I'm not going there today. I'm not going there even though I am involved in four church services today. It will be my third Sunday 'missing' in a row.

Two weeks ago I was involved in a pulpit swap with the minister of Tickenham, something which happens in our Local Ministry group once a year. Last week I was on holiday at the end of our pearl wedding anniversary week away and we spent Sunday Morning having brunch at Bordeaux Quay in Bristol (highly commended).

Today, here's the plan:

9.00 Preside at Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion at Holy Trinity
10.30 Preach at Southfield Road Evangelical Church (a long-standing invitation)
3.08 Rehearsal of the service for the new planted congregation which will meet at Kingshill School for the first time on October 14th
6.30 Preach at Christ Church (oh, and late news, lead intercessions too)


Anonymous said...

Bordeaux Quay is not recommended by me/my wife. Thirty minutes to serve two cups of luke warm coffee on a rather quiet Saturday morning. Several customers left after sitting over 15 minutes simply to get an order taken.
Martin Davis

St said...

I'd say that was unlucky rather than the standard. Been five or six times with no bother at all.

Worth bearing in mind that it is a training establishment so people are learning on the job.