Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nailsea United 4 Wells 0

Nailsea went top of the Somerset County League yesterday, brushing aside the team who were top at kick-off with three goals in a first fifteen minute spell of lively and physically dominant football. Wells keeper, 'Are we gonna turn up today or what?'

The Somerset County League is in tier 11 of the pyramid structure, which means we could be in the Premiership in ten years with appropriate ground alterations, ten promotions and a following wind.

Currently entry is free but a collection is taken at half time. No programme, speaker system or floodlights. There were about 40 supporters yesterday, many of whom had no idea who we were playing or what position we were in. It is interesting because, even though Leamington FC have climbed now, a few years ago, when they were at the same level, there was an admission charge of £3, a 50p match-day programme, floodlights and a crowd of 250-300 every game.

Still, happy days now. Even crept into the bar and got a half-time pint. The beer was from Wells. Unlike its team it turned up in good shape. I think I should have been a member to do that though. Better investigate.

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