Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wedding News

I went to a wedding yesterday with Liz. Since it was the marriage of one of her work colleagues, who I didn't know, to a man I didn't know, it was lovely of them to invite me to go along too. We met some lovely people and sat at a table where the chemistry worked pretty well so there was lots of buzz. Lovely sunny day in the Oxfordshire countryside too.

Three things which I hadn't experienced before at weddings:

1. We pre-ordered our meal when the invites came, some weeks ago. At the drinks reception we were all trying to remember what we'd ordered. When we went in to sit down the choice we had made was printed for us on the back of our place-card. Brilliant.

2. The centre of table decoration was a large bowl containing three white roses and some live goldfish. I hope the fish enjoyed the party-poppers. And the disco. Small children got to take a fish home.

3. On each table were two cards listing the names of all the guests and a one sentence biography. So if you had met someone and needed to check their name you could look it up. And if you wanted to start a conversation you could ask about the statement. Mine said, 'Steve has recently taken on a parish in Nailsea.' Since it didn't mention I was a clergyperson it began wonderful visions of my pitching up in a Somerset town and saying, 'Come on I'll take the lot of you.' Hmm, come to think of it. No. Anyway better than the guy whose biography said, 'Likes a drink or two.'

Thanks Emma and Rob for a nice day out.


Coffee Rum Gateau said...

I survived new wine by nightly calls home to base where I could vent my frustration re the black and white arguments without fear of prayer ministry and also going to Greenbelt later in the year. However having grown up since then I think I would be more a tad more magnanimous.

Blessings in him or her

St said...

Thanks. Shall we start a festival for neo-liberals? Probably have to have worship songs without lyrics.