Friday, August 03, 2007

New Wine

Today's task is to get together everything I will need for camping at New Wine next week. Not a great day-off activity now but tomorrow is a wedding which will take the whole day out, then Sunday morning church then I'm off. Why didn't I do this during my working week? 'Because somehow I didn't' would be one answer although my day off was going to be about entertaining and now isn't (visitors have cancelled) so I was geared up, psychologically, to it being less chilled than usual.

Still it is a day pottering about, a bit of shopping, a few jobs here and there but all with a soundtrack of my choice and finally an unexpected relaxing evening in front of the tele. Being a fairly adaptable/coping sort of chap I am not bothered or awed by the whole thing even though I haven't been camping for 31 years. I think if I had others to look after apart from myself (children/wives that sort of thing) I'd be more nervous. I am going with a large group so begging and borrowing will probably come into their own. As might refusing and go awaying but I fancy not. My church is full of nice people. Also there are shops on site.

It will be interesting to see first hand the range of theology/spirituality that I have heard people talk about on their return from this festival over the last few years. It as at the evangelical, charismatic, end of the Christian market.

I also have a seminar to give. It is in a bit of a graveyard slot (4pm for an hour) in a venue that will seat 670 people. It is on living a balanced life. I think I may need to convince people I am qualified to lead it first of all. My first thought is that if you have time to get to a 4pm seminar on holiday you haven't got the problem.

No idea if I'll get an opportunity to blog my thoughts. Have to see.


Chemical said...

Good luck with the camping - I recommend thermal underwear, good waterproofs and wellies, but then you're not camping in Co. Fermanagh!

All the best too with the seminar, I'd say break a leg but knowing my luck you probably would.

Martin said...

Hopefully you'll enjoy camping. I certainly will. I think your previous two jobs, and their juggling, qualifies you for a talk on balance, so I might just come listen to your wise-ness.