Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I should have realised. I apologise, it's all my fault. Never made the connection see. And I'm good at making connections, so they tell me.

But back in January I explained here that I was now the proud user of a Saab convertible and lo and behold, if what Bishop Graham Dow says about God's judgment on Hull is true then his (God's not Dow's) judgement of my profligacy in Nailsea is also abundantly clear. I caused the deluge.

Top-up motoring. It's the big thing round here.


Tom said...

Could you post the link for the special clergy rates?

St said...

Saab, Vauxhall & Chevrolet Leasing
International House
Bickenhill Lane
Birmingham B37 7HQ

You could try saying you are a friend of Ben Tilley's Dad and that is how you heard of the scheme. It may save you the registration fee and will certainly get him some commission.

St said...

Sorry, posted too quickly. URL is

Alastair Gregg said...

i wouldn't worry steve.
it appears god has decided to hold other luxury car users responsble, and punish them instead.

Like whoever drives this Mercedes, i photo'd today.


- Al