Tuesday, January 23, 2007

OK here it is

When my boys were born I was only 24 and 26. I sort of lamented losing quite a lot of the things that normal young men did in their 20s whilst in no way regretting the decision to marry and start a family young. OK I wasn't exactly a child bride, but youngish.

I resolved that once my boys achieved some measure of independence I would do something that people in their 20s do - you know, bog off round the world, climb a mountain, paint ball or something. Thing is I don't like any of those things and anyway bits of me drop off if I do impact sports. What to do?

Now, in a delicious sense of squaring the circle, the primary cause of my early plummet into responsibility works in vehicle leasing for Vauxhall Saab Vehicle Leasing - a company that seems largely kosher although it has a suspiciously large number of alter-egos - Masterlease, Interlease, Saab Contract Hire. They all seem to be the same people.

They have a special corporate rate for clergy and I got a slight family advantage too of a cancelled scheme registration fee. So welcome please, for two years, a metallic blue, Saab 9-3 linear 1.8t convertible.
At age 51 I even find insurance is getting cheaper these days. I reckon the lease cost will be the same as the depreciation in the value of a new one over two years. Since it includes servicing and tax motoring costs are suddenly very easy to budget. Not that I've ever budgetted. Haven't grown up that much.


Matthew P said...

Very nice.

Will you be cruising along Weston sea front, tunes pumping, bad boy stylie?

Mike Peatman said...

Serious pose value. You'll love it.

Anonymous said...

Good choice, should help you blend in nicely on the Trendlewood estate - nobody will suspect you're a vicar.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes!! I knew you were a man of exceptionally good taste and this confirms it. From one Saab owner to another - "good choice"



Mike Peatman said...

Just be careful where you use the phrase "I drive an open-topped Swede" or you may cause offence.

St said...

Me? Cause offence? Surely not?

By the way might they suspect I'm a vicar if I am wearing my clerical collar?

Anonymous said...

Don't budget ! Don't budget !!!
Your non-budgeting is forensic accounting compared to the rest of us.