Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Just heard that Jon and Carys have been accepted on the JET scheme to teach English in Japan. They have a job in a city an hour from Tokyo. They leave in just under four weeks time. Exciting.

And it's a real job with a salary. Took 25 years but both sons now have real jobs with salaries.


Anonymous said...

Where are they going to be based?
Simeon had a fantastic time in Tottori with a strong JET community. Not too heavy a work commitment either so like being a student but on a working salary.
You'll have to go out to visit.

St said...

Soka City in Saitona (?) province (?).

Troubled by the whole question of a visit. It seems to me we need to shake ourselves free of the option that because we can go to the other side of the world by plane we therefore should.

But if they are going to be there for more than a year we may go and stump up the emissions offset cost.