Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I always have vivid dreams on holidays. Vivid but weird. Extra weird is that this island is so in love with Europop that they even had a TV show dedicated to old winners of Eurovision - leather skinned ex divas who had been singing the same tune for twenty years by and large.

So yesterday I woke up singing:

Ding ding dong every hour
When you pick a flower
Even when your lover is gone, gone, gone
Sing ding ding dong

So, name the year and artist, gay friends.

I love holidays but I want to play my keyboard real bad.


Chemical said...

Glad to see wind-up interweb working in fabulous Gozo!

Ding-a-dong was the song that the Netherlands won the Eurovision with in 1975 (this makes me feel old) The group were called Teach-In. Must have been the only time the Netherlands ever won Eurovision!

Please can I correct your lyrics, for the benefit of those who have to listen to your crooning - its 'sing ding DANG dong!'

Catchy wee tune - you've got me singing it now ...

St said...

I love the fact that I know somebody (even if its only the partial knowledge of the web) who can correct me on almost anything these days.

Thanks chemibaby. Ding dang dong it is then.