Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well that was a silly week (although I did slip in some retail therapy and Die Hard 4 on Friday afternoon go Brucie).

Today, with respect to all clergy who have permanently silly Sundays:

07.15 Preparation and Prayers
08.30 Head to Holy Trinity for 9.00 communion, preach and preside
10.00 Head to Trendlewood church for 10.15 communion, lead and preside
12.00 Coffee and make decision about venue for planned church lunch (currently in someone's garden but weather disappointing)
12.30 Lunch somewhere
15.30 Wedding interview
16.30 Polish sermon for evening
17.50 Head to Holy Trinity to lead and preach at evening service
2015 Clubbing

OK, OK one of those is a bit of a fib, but I do hate baby seals.



Kathryn said...

It may be indicative of the sillyness of my Sunday that I read that and thought "Goodness, fancy Steve being so fluent in Polish he can preach in it...I wonder why he needs to"
Truly I did.
Hope you wave and don't drown

Martin said...

out of interest, how often do you get a Sunday without having responsibility for anything?

St said...

Martin, none at the moment but it's a target. I get six Sundays off a year.

Mr Gnome said...

Golly! Do you preach is Serbo-Croat and Hungarian as well?

Sorry - I misread.