Saturday, June 02, 2007

General Apologies and Stuff

Obviously spending a whole fortnight on a trivial game gained me some new readers and sent some away. All over now.

Thing is, as I get near a holiday, I end up with lots of short things to say and nothing really worth a whole blog post.

I have some observations on the Big Brother all-female house antics, especially where did Tracy the cleaner learn to speak like she does in that phat, 'av it, random way. I note from Springwatch the peculiar capacity of baby owls to eat their siblings when feeling peckish and of herons to eat and regurgitate live frogs for tea. I note that Bill Oddie is inarticulate (from Springwatch) and rude (from Radio 4's Today interview). I note that evolution by natural selection is a thing of far more grace and beauty than any ridiculous attempt to make biblical creation narratives into history. I note that my dill is completely trashed by slugstock but my tarragon and hot oregano are untouched. Straw does indeed offer my strawberries some protection from slugs but snails just kip in it. Nick Cave's Grinderman album is harsh and you wouldn't play it to your Mum, or loud in a convertible driving through a city centre, or with any other vicar in the passenger seat apart from about two I can think of, but it was a great birthday present thanks Jon.

More also needed on worship I think which started some interesting thoughts. But first a bit of R and R with Mrs T, back from Fareham and another closed shop - opening ones coming soon I believe. Laters.

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