Thursday, May 31, 2007

Name the Band 20

The sound of some cats


Anonymous said...

Hello. This is Stewart. I have been forced to post anonymously as I have been locked out of Blogger for the last week or so, as Google won't let me into my account. This prevented me from posting smart alec remarks showing that I had got Name the Band 12-14 (15 stumped me though - I got unduly fixated on the word 'frozen', and assumed that 'cheap perry' was cider. Hey-ho.)

Anyway, I have got this one, and I'm feeling good.

Mike Peatman said...

Knew this one, courtesy of FIFA07 for XBOX

Mark said...

Surely must be "Bow wow wow"???

seriously though, I'm worried... you seems to be getting obsessed by this ;-)

St said...

No Mark, the obsession had a time limit which was the end of May. All over now. We'll have to think of some other distraction.

Muse, by the way.