Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Birthday 2

From Brenda's 90th in Birmingham on to a quick blast down to Exeter for Jon's 25th. Is it really a quarter of a century since Ickle Onny made his appearance on St John's College Nottingham's termly quiet day? The notice on the entrance-hall dry-wipe board said, 'Steve Tilley please go home your wife is in labour.' Took a while for the message to get through to me because I was in the White Lion.

College quiet days were the chance for the chefs to have revenge for everything we ever said about them. The meals were eaten in silence and so the kitchen provided a selection of the crispiest things you could get on a limited budget. Crackers, crisps, celery and apples were the order of the day.

I also recall that the biggest sin in the place then was not to be drinking on quiet day but to use permanent marker on the dry-wipe board.

I had an exam the following day so had to read some New Testament betwen contractions. Jon appeared. I passed.

Still what more can you want for your children than that they live peacefully, independently and in good relationships? An occasional visit to buy lunch and enjoy the conversation is just perfect.

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