Sunday, May 13, 2007

Half a boing for a 3-2

Well in our fourth game against the Wulfs this season we put our 7th, 8th and 9th goals past them, conceding our 2nd and 3rd. We take a slender lead back to our place on Wednesday. I could hardly bear to check the score so what must it be like for those who actually go and endure these things? Actually I know because I went to the 1993 games against Swansea and Port Vale. Exciting for the neutrals for sure; tense for those of us who care.

Thanks a bunch for the Sunday 12 noon kick-off on behalf of football-loving clergy everywhere. Now let's finish the job.


Mike Peatman said...

Feeling the same about Forest, but 2-0 up into the home leg is good.

Chris said...

I saw the second half of the second half (just getting in from church and sorting out lunch) and all the pressure was coming from Wolves. Clinical finishing was the difference - when the baggies had chances they put them away.

Me said...

You should be confident, West Brom are simply stronger than Wolves who have overachieved, and there is also the 3-2 lead. Secondly, likely opponents Derby have also over achieved and are exhausted.

As for next year in the Premiership it will be eye wateringly tough. All 3 promoted teams quite good (i.e. no Watford) and apart from Wigan and Fulham no obvious stragglers. That assumes Man City get some cash and a new manager, otherwise they will fall. My tip: Wigan, Fulham and one of Middlesboro, Portsmouth or Birmingham to go down in May 2008, and West Brom to survive!