Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Real Me?

Last night I thought of Seb. However much he could wind people up (and the answer to that is 'lots') his motto 'keep it real' is his motto and his life. I sort of miss him and don't miss him at the same time. Sorry, this sounds like he's dead which, as far as I know he isn't, just a community police officer in the Midlands.

Thing is I went to a meeting where I wanted to scream. Apparently people noticed because the first, and only, thing I said (correcting an error about my job title in some minutes) led the chair to tell me 'I sounded quite angry about it' and then do nothing else but move on to the next item. Wise chairing I think.

Tip for coping with life number whatever we've reached and there haven't been many for a while:

If a meeting is frustrating you because you need to be there but don't care about most of the agenda and then something comes along after 105 minutes which you do care about beware of the emotional level at which you pitch your contribution.

Tip 2. Tell your face to stop giving away your real feelings. Had a phone call this morning from someone else at the meeting asking if I was as depressed as I looked. Frankly I think I was as depressed as everyone looked but I shouldn't have let it show. By the way I don't know how to do this one. As a bit of an introverted personality type my visual interface often goes down (this insult copyright Bob) but I am not aware that it has.

But hey, good morning all. The real me is alive and well.


Chris said...

Was it an APCM?

(Even if it wasn't) I got a bit fed up in ours last night and decided going home and catching the end of the Chelsea v Liverpool match was a more productive use of my time. So I did!

david said...

Whatever makes you think that the description of St's meeting could possibly be an APCM? ;-)

Matthew McMurray said...

That made me smile because it made me remember when I was on the PCC of one of the churches I used to go.

The vicar of my current church suggested that I stand for the PCC here. Somehow, it didn't seem appropriate to tell him to "f" off. As a prospective ordinand, I know that one day it will be inevitable but for now, I am more than happy to postpone the unremitting joy (!) that it will bring.