Thursday, April 26, 2007

Annual Church Meeting Agenda in the Real World

1. A bit of a sing.

2. A thought and a prayer from the vicar.

3. A look around to see who isn't here.

4. An agreement that the people who copped for all the work last year cop for it again.

5. Details of why we need more money followed by a few moans about the parish share (formerly known as quota) disguised as questions.

6. Detailed written reports become detailed verbal reports followed by minor votes of thanks and petty little niggles.

7. Awkward questions from somebody usually called Malcolm.

8. The major agenda item, vision for the future, launching of new and exciting projects (it is traditional for people to start slipping away at this point).

9. Any other business. Items raised at this point are met with steely glances and harsh tuts.


Finker said...


Anonymous said...

Dear St,

thanks for the name check. I'm still asking the awkward questions.

M in Didcot

Martin said...

Shall be ours (as in those that are members of St. Paul's Leamington, not the the whole town, denomination, diocese, or world-wide catholic church) tonight. I have the power to display random messages throughout, but luckily I'm not feeling too mischievous today.

Martin said...

Guess who turned up specially for our APCM. (Clue for St. - You saw them the very same day)

Mel said...

We didn't turn up specially. We didn't know it was going to be the APCM when we decided to call in on the service on our way home! D'oh!