Thursday, February 01, 2007


In response to my recent 'Cold Turkey' post finker says, 'Did you not see me wearing mine?' Friends, I am not very good at seeing. It is not an eyesight thing. It is that I am usually looking in not out.

Sat opposite long-standing best mate Bob in the pub once for half an hour when his nerve cracked and he asked if I was going to ask him how he got his black eye. What black eye? Oh that one.

Interviewed by the police once about an assault in the car park opposite my house. Yes I had seen two people hanging around. What gender were they? Oh.

What colour were the bridesmaid's dresses? What sort of flooring was in our new house I just saw round? All the same problem. Given a specific target, such as the previous two questions, I can deliberately observe and write down the answers, although it will help if I've also written down the questions.

The good bit of this is that I see connections others do not see and run imaginative events that seem obvious to me but not to others. The bad thing is that I have to really really concentrate to pay attention. Even then I sometimes worry that what I think was said in a conversation was only my internal dialogue.

So no, finker dear, I did not notice. I am not surprised since it was thee what gave me the pack in the first place and being a bit of a maven (see The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell if unfamiliar with this term) I have been telling others wildly about it ever since.

I always try to notice but (compliment coming up) the better the company the more likely I am to have my imagination stirred and the more that happens the more internalised my concentration. Nice wristband.

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you are a love..