Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Isle of Wight

Sorry not to have advertised the fact that I was going to be away and thanks for one or two comments from people who missed me. Since you can trace links from this blog to my actual address I felt that telling the world I was going to be out of town would have been unwise, especially since we have no dogs or sons to guard the house in our absence.

We have been to Ventnor for a week where, courtesy of Sykes Cottages, we rented a little house and explored an island we haven't really done before.

Enjoyable week and one or two excellent pubs found (they'll probably have our names next to them in the 2008 Good Pub Guide), plus the superb Hambrough restaurant which provided the best evening's food since Solo Leamington closed.

Finished a book and started another, caught up with the newspapers, watched a movie, climbed a big hill and found the country's windiest place - the Needles.

Did put the top down on the Saab for half an hour one day but am thawing out now.

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