Saturday, February 03, 2007

Grow Your Own Music

Anyone else out there watched Grow Your Own Veg on a Friday night. Not really my scene but good background TV and quite a few 'Ooo look at the size of my courgettes' moments. Not the point. Must stop getting distracted in paragraph one. Not good.

The point? Ah yes, the soundtrack. I was trying to place a piece of music and worked out it was the instrumental break off Genesis' Cinema Show played on a stylophone or similar. Later we got the excellent From the Beginning by Emerson Lake and Palmer, a Greenslade track, the Kinks and Focus, these all original versions.

Gardeners can spot the lettuce variety but 70s prog-rock fans are equally entertained. Another double whammy. I finally found a programme I could have watched with my Gran. RIP Janet Base (1899-1991). Miss you.


Caroline said...

Let's hear it for 70's prog rock!! its trendy to give it a bashing, but like you I heard the Genesis and slipped back 30 years, so good (and I was slim as well!)

by the way, programme otherwise is a disappointment, espcially since I actually want to start growing vegetables in my garden, I really don't learn a lot from seeing how good at gardening Carol Klein is!


Caroline Too

ps why, even when I get it right does your verification thingy not let me through first time, should I be feeling paranoid at all?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the Robin .... he's soooo cute!

Mamacrow said...

also in the series they've made a lot of use of the intro to a Nick Drake song from the Five Leaves Left, When the Day is Done, I think it was.

I agree - I love watching it but am not sure how helpful it would be in actually helping me grow my own. Maybe it would be better to actually have her advising in person? Or maybe not...